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    Drip irrigation systems

    This site is supposed to have a “museum” sort of section and are the developers/industry leaders in drip irrigation system.

    Seems to be a nice coupling with ram pumps to make their limited supply stretch a little further.

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    Chaplin bucket kit simple system, very low price!

    Apparently the only sellers of the kits:
    $60 one (there is a cheaper one)

    A family connects the kit to a 5-gallon bucket elevated at least 1 meter above the ground, and fills the bucket with water twice daily. This simple, inexpensive, gravity fed system will provide enough moisture for a vegetable garden large enough to feed a small family during periods when there is absolutely no rainfall. The availability of vegetables during dry seasons not only improves the nutrients in the diet, but also reduces the need for staples such as maize by as much as one-third. Many families return to purchase additional “Bucket Kits” in order to sell vegetables at a premium during the dry season, providing funds for other family needs such as clothing, schooling, and medical care.

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