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Thread: Wall tents

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    "...those garages..." A loony lady friend of mine has been using one for camping with a herd of kids for eons. Suspect one of 'em would be good for your purpose. Not stupid expensive either. Moves in a box the length of the poles though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 335/434 View Post
    Thanks for the replies. I should have been a bit more clear as well, it will not be used for sleeping nor packed in by quads. The idea was a simple, easy way to setup a shelter.

    We tried the a-frame with a tarp, which wasn't too bad but spending a few hours hunting for trees and assembly kinda sucked as did the open ends of the "tent".

    I did look at some of those garages but they seemed like they would not last long.
    Maybe something like Atuk’s Kanguk tent? Single centre pole, five stakes and five guy lines (to stakes or available trees) and you’re in business. Strange five sided shape, but pre plumbed for a wood stove next to the centre pole. Light enough to be considered portable while still made from durable canvass. There’s a version with nylon side walls for even less weight too. He’s got a few other single pole and T-pole designs worth considering too....
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