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    Yep, refinishing is the least expensive route but I would give Wolverine a call just to get their opinion on the issue, if nothing else they can alert CZ to the issue.

    If you're serious about long distance precision shooting (, the MDT chassis is nice solution but $400 is the starting point, the stock and grip are extra.

    The RIA M22 is a nice enough rifle but not in the CZ class, I have one upgraded with a few 10/22 parts from when I was undecided on whether to go the 10/22 or the CZ route. My thinking at the time was that if I did go with the 10/22 all the upgrade parts would be usable in the 10/22 but, I settled on the CZ so one of these days there will be a nice and upgrade RIA M22 for sale!
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    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I would quickly post to let you know the outcome. I had contacted Wolverine for advice; after consulting with CZ, they offered to replace my stock under warranty; in the mean time, they said I could remove the soluble finish in the etched areas of the stock, and refinish and reseal. Perfect, I could still keep shooting.

    I picked up some Minwax ebony stain to replace the dark stain in the etching; I also picked up a can of Minwax Tongue oil to seal it with. When I washed out the the original stain in the wife's laundry sink (with her permission BTW), it just flushed away with the water. A bit of agitation from a tooth brush, and it was all gone in less than one minute. Two coats of stain and 24 hours later, a heavy application of the Tongue oil to the etched area, and light application over the rest of the stock (inside and out); after sitting 5 minutes, buffed it out, let it cure a couple of days before putting the barrel back in the stock.

    It turned out so good, that I canceled the warranty claim with Wolverine! Many thanks to them for their willingness to help and their very prompt replies to my communications! I will certainly be considering them for future purchases! (I wish I lived closer!)



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